Nominated for “UPC Animatie Prijs”

Synchronize is nominated for the UPC Animatie Prijs at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

Which is really nice, because it’s in my hometown. That being said, I’m also competing with 2 other nominee’s and one of them is a friend. Junaid Chundrigar with his cool film Disassembled. We went to Utrecht School of the Arts together and I love his film, because I’m also into superheroes and comics.  

And last but not least Erik Butter with De Jongen Met Best Wel Lange Armen. His film is very Dutch compared to ours, because Junaid’s film and mine are very American: I’m making use of Hollywood movies and Junaid’s film is filled with American superheroes. 

The winner will be annouched on October the 3rd in Theater Kikker at 08:00 PM in Utrecht.

So I’m really excited and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Check out the article here:

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