Animales – Dioses” got selected for Tlanchana Fest 2018 in Mexico.

I’m happy to announce that my musicvideo: “Animales – Dioses” got selected for Tlanchana Fest 2018. A festival dedicated to film projection and national and international digital art that concentrates an unprecedented artistic-cultural heritage in Metepec and the State of Mexico. It will be shown on April 7th among other wonderful music videos. Please check it out!
Tlanchana Fest:

“Dioses” is featured in Dropstuff has featured my music video: “Animales – Dioses” in their artcasting program. Clips of the video will be broadcast on their screens in Hilversum and Amersfoort. broadcasts an interactive artistic program on a network of ‘urban screens’ on central locations such as stations, public squares and other high-profile areas.

Check out link here:

Music video “Animales – Dioses”

One year ago Chilean band Animales asked me to make a video about their song Dioses. A sad tale about two gods who meet their end. Cristóbal Dante González a music producer of the band liked my Synchronize animation and wanted me to use the same fusion of live action, rotoscoping, and 80s retro nightmare effects for their debut song Dioses

This was a dream come true. I always played with the idea of a Synchronize sequel. One year and a lot of experimenting later I am happy to say that Dioses is finally done. (I did also do other things that year. Do not worry.) Here’s the final result of the musicvideo Animales – Dioses:

By using some practical techniques I gave the live-action footage a much grander look than it actually is. The objects are filmed separately and it’s composited together in after effects. See below different shots of the main characters and a graveyard of skulls. Also my green screen wasn’t big enough to film 3 people at once.

I have more control over the perspective and composition within each frame. Once that was established I would dive into rotoscoping, colouring and the applied effects. In animation school they teach you about constancy but with this video I like to mix it up. This erratic style makes everything look electric and hypnotising, but still able to follow the story. See below the process of the work from storyboard to end result. 

It was great fun to experiment so much on this project and have something completely different to do. It took some time, but it was worth the wait.

ANTEGODS for Codeglue games

Codeglue games asked me to make their announcement game trailer “Antegods” for GDCin 2016. I liked the title immediately. It’s a game were ancient culture and science fiction is mixed to create a unique style ‘Stonepunk’. Antegodsis a fast-paced, arena shooter where Mayan civilizations around the galaxy fight for power and battling enormous stone Totems statues to collect energy in order to activate a colossal Titan statue to destroy your opponents. It sounds right up my alley! Although the game isn’t finished here’s the result: