Looking back at GamesCom 2014

Too bad I missed Gamescom 2015. I had a great time the year before and I was surprised by Cologne’s very pleasant and a charming atmosphere. It’s somewhat similar to Holland where i’m from, but the germans knows how to appreciate food better. I wouldn’t necessary say it’s cheaper, but I like to enjoy a good meal. I would recommend to eat outside of the Gamescom area, because it’s way too expensive inside.

It was also very busy, crowed and standing in lines for hours for a play test isn’t really my thing. I heard from friends that the lines were much shorter on the first day and that you can go almost through everything. I’m not sure how it went this year, but it might come it handy by visiting on the first day if you don’t like to wait around.

On the downside I was also surprised by the people who steal stuff there at Gamescom. I didn’t expect that to happen, because the people seem so relaxed, but my bag got stolen so be careful out there. Don’t keep it out of sight for even a second.

Meeting up with Team17 was a highlight of the trip. We’ve worked together on a few projects, but we never met in real life. It was nice to finally meet the people I’ve worked with and to catch up. They are very sweet and down-to-earth so it was very easy to hang out with them. They couldn’t be more nicer, so they deserve all the success!

The game trailer The Escapists that I did for them was showcased at Microsoft Press Conference. Although the trailer was remade to show updated gamefootage, it still was my trailer. So I was very happy about the extra exposure, but I wasn’t there to see it live on the big screen.

You can look back the Microsoft Press Conference with (remade) The Escapists trailer here: https://youtu.be/HW6SveI_0gA?t=1840

And for older version of The Escapists trailer (which it’s made by me) you can watch here: 

Gamescom Cologne

Hello to people at Gamescom in Cologne! I wish I could be there this year, but unfortunately I can’t make it. I’ve worked on the game Penarium so make sure to check out the Team17 booth in hall 10.1 The booth looks mind-blowing and the game turned out pretty cool, but beware it’s very addictive! 


I did some work for Self Made Miracle, an indie game company in Utrecht. 

Their game Penarium have been featured at GameKings: a dutch television show about video games. 

My gametrailer is also shown at GameKings which is really exciting. Although the trailer is an old one (announcement trailer. By the time this episode aired, I was working on the Launch Trailer for the game. That one will be released when the game is launched which is really soon, but for now:

Check out my trailer at Gamekings and Rick van Ginkelfrom Self Made Miracle talking about Penarium:http://www.gamekings.tv/videos/indiekings-over-penarium-2/

Mentioned in Hitrecord

Yay Hitrecord mentioned me! I made an animation and posted it on Hitrecord one year ago. I was looking at video requests from Hitrecord and they used my animation as an example. How weird is that! Couldn’t believe it! Now I’m not officially in the show yet or anything. But the possibility is getting closer and closer.
So the dancing figure in the opening and in the end of the video is my animation and also at 2 min 28 sec you can see more. I made it with TV Paint and I rotoscoped myself dancing. So it wasn’t any of the “dancers back in 2013” like they mentioned in the clip. It was me just dancing around on Beyonce music, because I move better to her music. So completely different than the Electric Loss song, but I made this animation before I even knew about this awesome song. 

Cinetoko in The Hague

My old teacher from Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) is giving a lecture and he selected some work from his former students. I felt honoured that he picked one of my films: Synchronize. Synchronize will be viewed at Cinetoko in The Hague on the 22th of november 2013.
Cinetoko is Five. Cinetoko celebrates five years of fresh and at times unconventional film/audio-visual nights in The Hague by looking back at previous Cinetoko editions and looking forward to a party. The Cinetoko programme celebrates with 4 guest speakers in one night, a showreel of past speakers, a showcase of work by film students, and more audiovisual stuff. The evening will finish in the foyer of Korzo where the bar will be open, a guest DJ will play and a crowd of interesting people are going to help celebrate.
Check their website: http://www.cinetoko.com/event/cinetoko-is-five-lets-celebrate/